I am a Selfish Man..

Subject: Selfish Poem

my heart is always on the outside.. leaks a lot…

Am I selfish
I felt this Then I said  thisI love you so much I love you so deep I love you so true
if you cannot receive or hold
my love
it is not love , there is no love at all

my motto spread love God’s not mine

I want to know how to love you
I want you to have love the way you want..
I want you to love you the way you need to be loved….

The reply was……

what does that mean?

just love me……I heard

Then they (we) separated never to see each other again

From now to the never

I love you

I love you now

I love you now

Love is now

when love is gone

Love never was….

Love myself
I will never separate from me
From now to the never I will love me..
By Curtis Aikens
Do you remember the 21st Of September
R.I.P Maurice White Earth, Wind, Fire

Robin Leach I love you

Curtis G Aikens Sr.

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