FREE Webinar – Diabetes Cooking Tips with Chef Curtis

FREE Webinar
Diabetes Cooking Tips with Chef Curtis Aikens
January 12, 2015 – 12:00pm EST

MainImage_AikensDiabetes can be delicious! Join Chef Curtis Aikens, Original Food Network host and patient with type 2; Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN, and dLife Contributor; and Teresa Martin, RD, CDE to start off your year right — as they provide diabetes-friendly cooking, nutrition, and meal-planning tips to help motivate people with diabetes to eat healthier.

Key Topics Include:

» Delicious healthy menu ideas
» Diabetes 101 and basic nutrition
» Balancing food and blood glucose testing

* Continuing Education credits not offered for dLife webinars.

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Tips For Healthy Living From The Webinar

  1. EAT FIRST…eat then move. Give your body the fuel it needs.
  2. CARBS! Your body does need carbohydrates. You need 6 carbs per hour for your brain to work best. (Teresa will explain the science of this)
  3. CAR ANALOGY. If you put too much gas (sugar) into your “tank” it overflows and spills into the body, which can’t absorb it and malfunctions.
  4. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Check your glucose to see if it’s high or low. Know what’s happening in your body. Check every morning and 2 hours after a big meal.
  5. 3 F’s. Fresh. Fun. Fast. (Curtis will explain how to prepare a delicious and healthy meal in 30 minutes or less that everyone can do!)