Wonder-Filled Day love

My first blog in a week or so. some days are just wonderful days, other days are just fantastic days, some days like today are just so incredibly awesome you just know that there’s a higher power watching over you. This one started at my brother Victor Green‘s house and was able to sleep till about 8 o’clock you know I thought Vic and his wife were still asleep so I try to be quiet I got up finally took a shower came down stairs my brother watching television with their little dog Bella on his lap.
it’s funny you know we gave each other the handshake and a hug and I was thinking damn I love this man! you know we talk for a minute I got my bag packed up, he packed up some food for me to take on the road! Said to watch out for the Texas traffic and then I’m off. On the road in about an hour into the drive, Vic calls to check on me and I said brother it’s funny cause I was going to call brother. He just want you to know how much I love you and how good of a time I had last night just thinking about our friendship and how much we have in common after 30 years 40 years.

We are just close today as we were when we first met on the grounds the football Practice fields at Southern university in Baton Rouge Louisiana me a country boy from Georgia, Victor Early Green the city kid from Houston Texas, 5 th Ward I love you man! And I know you love me!
on to George HW Bush library incredible please check out the video then I went to Austin and a great drive visit LBJ‘s library and it was moving just moving and I tried to talk myself out of going to yoga however earlier that day I had seen her name on the yoga schedule Monique I go OK that’s where I got to go take a class I looked at the other two studios they were closer to where I was however, God sent me to Monique please enjoy the video

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  • by Dan Brennan Posted August 15, 2018 5:25 am

    Hey Curtis,
    Dan Brennan….thanks for tagging me about your blog, 1st time reader. You are a man after my own heart…..full of energy in the morning! Beautiful day here in Herndon, Va. Let me know next time your going to be around DC! Your cookbook is gonna keep me healthy! The WINNERS Lacrosse program I work with is having a golf outing in September…love to have you.