Am I Busy?

There is a saying if you want to have something done…….

Ask a Busy Person to help, wink-wink ask them to do it!

We, (I, Me ) are busy living, remember right now is all we (I, Me) have to FyTe…

Do you Remember the 21st of September? EWF….

I wrote 2 poems late that night, well started them.. I’ll share one now.

Subject: A-round Mid-night : poem by Curtis

A-round Mid-night
Catching feelings….
Your mind Gets week your soul
cracks your heart starts to leak
Your body is just looking for a place to sleep.
Around midnight
Your mind Gets week!
your soul crakes!
your heart starts to leak!
Your body is just looking for a place to sleep.
Then your sprite starts to SPEAK
Don’t run from these Words
For they are your feelings
feel them ,hold them tight
Inhale smell them
Taste , taste them
Cause you got to Deal wit dat SHit…
Or it will,, deaL ,, you
Curtis Aikens
21st Of September around midnight
Curtis G Aikens Sr.
Chef, writer, yogaTeacher, lifelong learner, namaste

Love you Robin Leach, rip my brother you da man