My 1st Children Book : ABC Soup

ABC Family and Friends Cookbook

When the publisher first talked with me about writing this book, yes cool. I thought!

I’ll just dig up my old recipe that I have prepared a hundred times, A is for asparagus, the 1st ingredient in the soup, B is for broccoli president Bush may not care for this vegetable but a whole lot of folks that voted for him do! Therefore Broccoli will be #2 to hit the stew. By the way I am talking about George H. Bush our 41st President right after Ronald Ragan just before Bill Clinton. Two elections later his Son George W. Bush, won a very controversial (do you know that word?) race against the setting Vice President Al Gore!

Sometime I get side tracked when telling a story, but I try and not to get lost! You better be laughing? Kidding any-whoo

What a fun recipe the original ABC soup was, it had eggplant, Lemon grass, and okra, plus all kind of funny little stuff from back in the day. Well the days, when I had hair and a few more pounds. There is this saying never trust a skinny cook. That is an old saying I’ll talk more about that saying and how I cook and live now a bit latter or in another book if you all like this one.

I cannot for the life of me find the original recipe for my ABC Soup! Help if anyone has a copy please send it to me, I have made the soup in schools, community centers and Churches all across the country

When I was a little boy, well young Boy because I have always been BIGGER than most, humme

All of my Friends, Jeffery my older brother, Ran(Randolph Camp) my Best Bud, his Brother Steve, Jeff’s best friend, Billy Boy(Raymond Carr Jr), Jeffery and Steve’s other best Friend, can’t forget Kookie, Bryan, Billy’s Little brother as well as my and Ran’s other best Friend! Wow, you still with me?

Best Friends are like LOVE one can never have too much!

So what do best FRIENDS have to do with Soup or the ABCs