Andrew great EYE!

I met Andrew today, fell in love with his photography last Saturday, the photos I sharing, don’t do his eye  justice, go see  for yourself at Zoftig in Santa Rosa, 57 Montgomery Dr. 707-521-9554, food in really Good, People working there really GREAT! Namaste

I love this

After our hellos, Andrew sent the following. Make me happy… Very Cool young man. Word!
Use any photo you’d like ! Plus I only have photos of my family & me or my girlfriend lol.

Andrew and his sweetHeart

Hey Curtis, its Andrew from Zoftig Eatery in Rosa. I wanted to say thanks for stopping and chatting with me about my artwork! I watched your youtube segment about cheaper cuts alongside how its hard to get organic for the East coast. But i feel its the same for the West here, unless you go to local ethnic markets who grows directly, since not everyone can afford much Olivers or Safeway. I didn’t know about the outside cuts being cheaper because throughout all my inventory sheets I  guess I just went by its natural, organic plus a sub 20 dollars per lb. beef.  Got to spend what we have to,  to get that flavor profile fully developed. Along with that I had to say that I too was fully submerged in the produce plot as a young child because I was adopted into a Polish farming family with an Irish family. As being near half native American, I’m drawn to this , this most important ingredient in life & cuisine. I am in progress of developing my own “peaches” but it is a modest food stall at local markets with local foods because most times you’ve got to start somewhere and my start is in this cuisine I’ve developed through the line life. Something dedicated to my life present and past but a healthy model for also the future. I’m looking into buy your book soon to better educate myself about local produce availability as I  have to always read at least 2 new books a month.

This is my photography page email is , look forward to future chats! Have a wonderful

U R the MAN!

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