Aretha Franklin R.I. P.

Today Thursday August 16, 2018

desert Flowers

Saguaro Cactus and Me

The day the Queen of soul, went home, I heard the news while sitting at breakfast and editing last night’s blog post. That news changed the feel of the day. I paid close attention to the small things this day, Flowers, cactus I love the Saguaro type, the make me smile look at the pictures. I drove west on I10 the I 19 south the San Xavier Mission, one of the places on earth where my soul, my mind my person is totally chill. I just walked the grounds went in said a prayer. Then Went for a desert drive toward old Tucson, there is so much pleasure in a desert ride.

Karen&Tom Love you

I made my way WEST and North to Gilbert, to Hollywood, what you say, Tom Lyon one of my dearest friends, he is Hollywood, Me GrandMa, (aka Hollywood Henderson Dallas Cowboys 80’s, Larry Johnson NBA 80’) and his wife Dr. Karen Lyons who will be guest Blogging soon!

Feed my temple with yoga guided by another wonder-filled teacher from Corepower yoga. Chandler Az

On the ride home, I listened to the Aretha Franklin tribute channel on XM 49, yes, I cried! People from all walk of life called in to share the Queen of Soul memories and Love. I may call tomorrow


They play songs the hits, Gospel, Opera and some songs that are new to me, Grooving is one! Take a listen

Home with Tom and Karen, they are Family! We are Family he and I me in Novato back in the DAY!

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