Bad Guy

Bad Guy


Many, I poems others are works in progress like the following.

Bad Guy
The Bad Ex-Husband
The Bad Dad
The Bad Son
The bad Brother
The Bad Uncle, Cousin,

The bad Friend!
He is the BAD-GUY!
Feel me?
Don’t ask me why I’m the bad guy, Pleaseee,,, Don’t ask, don’t ask
I cannot be this Bad guy !
Curtis G. Aikens

I have been working with poetry, since taking the Courage course at Dominican University of California, Thank You Margaret Golden (my Margaret), for all you did for me while at DU, and what you do for me now! Thank you Dr. Madalienne Peters, you encouraged me to take Courage also for being my Courage those times when I had NONE!

Poetry helps me deal with stress, and the emotion of the wonder-filled, ups and downs of life. Poetry I love expressing myself late night or early morning, poetry makes me feel better, if I write or if I read its helps me breathe!

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