Dana, Guest Blogger

I met tonight’s Guest Blogger in the kitchen, love his smile and his HAPPY while he Cooked,

Dana, gave him my info said let keep in touch! Glad we have,

Below is for Dana

How you doing today Mr. Aikens
I enjoyed your blog and was interested on how I can support your mission .
I too have a passion for the arts such as poetry , cooking , music and speaking.                                       We do have a lot in common I’ve noticed. For instance, I too am from Rockdale, Conyers to be exact.
Looking forward to becoming friends talk to you later.

Dana Maurice Herbert. Known to good friends as “ Wish “ . The name came during my growth in music . Writings have pasted my time greatly. My dreams are me giving back to my community. They also are of me publicly motivationally speaking.
We fall down but the important part is getting up. I’ve gotten up many times . Role models In my life are Dr.Martin Luther King Jr , Reverend T.D. Jakes and Frederick Douglas. I find my daily strength when I think of my family. They also make me smile

Dana Herbert ; cook , author , writer and musician/ thespian

I’m blessed because god loves me
I’m blessed because God never left me
I’m blessed because God shows himself to me
I’m blessed because he gave his message
I’m thankful for Gods’ presence in my life
I’m thankful that God forgives and gives second chances
I’m thankful that I have a friend in Jesus
I’m thankful that God is understanding
If I keep serving God I will be free
If I keep serving God , God will protect me
If I keep serving God , my life will be better
If I keep serving God, I won’t fear the devil
I will rebuke Satan because I love God
I will rebuke Satan because I am more than a conqueror
I will rebuke Satan because I believe in God
I will rebuke Satan because Jesus died for me

Dana Herbert

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