days Like this Van Morrison

Days like this, a great song I’ll see if in can find it post a link on the Facebook. The last couple weeks have been quite an emotional roller coaster ride not just for me, with the death of a very close friend Robin Leach, we Americans lost a hero, John McCain. I’m leaving Politics out of this, he believed in and loved his/our country, I send my condolences to his family. I pray that whom very replaces him in the U.S. Senate love our Nation and much and Mr. McCain. The city of Detroit, state of Michigan, these United States of America and World cries with the Passing of the Queen Aretha Franklin . She has been an icon for as long as I can look BACK, Aretha has been there. Yes, She like Marvin, Michael, Prince, Mahalia, and James, will live forever in song. However, there is a void when, they leave this form. We, those of us left behind, will mourn. I have some wonder-filled friends and family I have leaned on the week, they have returned advice I gave them during times of loss.

Feel, what you feel, as long as you need to, cry as much as you need to cry as often as you need to, laugh, love, the loved one is still loving you. keep them alive in you tears, in your laugh, in your love. Do that you honor their lives and their love.

Rest in Peace My friend Robin Leach

Rest in Peace American Hero John McCain

Rest in Peace Queen Aretha Franklin

you have our LOVE

you have our GRADUTATE

you have our RESPECT

we found out what it means to us thought you magnificent 3




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