God, Her Lessons, in a Tree

Today about 3pm I am taking a coffee break sitting in the window at Starbucks, do not JUDGE, a few years ago Starbuck was, The S—t, now it is S—t according to some! This Star-BUCKS, well really all coffee houses are about the people. I was in there late last night the crew all young STRONG Women, had a very COOL, play list rolling, Earth, Wind& Fire, Journey, Dobbie Brothers, Joan Jet, Heart, Steve Miller Aretha, Stevie, The Jacksons, Prince as well The Stones and Commodores, none of the women could have been 25, 30 and the most the were singing along to every Group! Wish you could have been there when they starting Singing Life in the Fast Lane (Eagles) hell I started singing!

my Tree

Back to the story, I sitting in the window, just kind of CHILL, when I notice the big old TREE, I smiled. I became happy. Remember back to when I first came to Cali, someone said to me.” if you really want to experience Mother Nature Hug and Red Wood Tree” Which I have done. Its cool, I still hug Redwoods. This Tree is Beautiful, Like the Starbucks, my tree can visited on Stoney Point Road, between Sebastopol RD, and CA Highway 12.

I’m gazing at this tree and becoming more and more happy by the moment. Of course, I think of yoga, and the tree pose. Also, if the tree, I’m looking thinking it is a Walnut, Damm I have never seen a Walnut tree so big, guessing 7 to 8 feet wide! Check the pictures of my new favorite tree.

I’m thinking if the tree could talk, when it was part of a walnut orchard, the dirt road that was Stoney Point, where did all the other Walnuts GO! The Kids that once a pone a time would climbed me, where are you , please bring your children to play beneath, picnic under, laugh and climb my branched there is still joy and life in me, I am not dead. Not need to cut me down, chop me to use and fire wood or chips to smoke meats. Yes, this Walnut still bears fruit.

Yes this like all things in Nature, can teach up God’s beauty, Her strength, Her tolerance, Her God’s will. What do I mean, what is more beautiful than a tree, in a grove or standing alone, the strength it takes to withstand storms, high winds and rain it takes quite a bit to topple her! The tolerance to handle cold, hot, Wet and Dry, the has no problem being surrounded by different trees. It makes a better forest.

Big Walnut Tree

The Tree Pose, root, be solid, when we extend our arms up and wide, we sway like the tree in the wind. If you are rooted well we will not topple over.

I love Trees and the Lessons they share. Namaste

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