God Knew after Recipe

on my YouTube Channel Curtis Aikens there is a video of my preparing the following check it

Pinto Beans


1 lb.

pinto beans washed

1 large onion chopped

3 ounces vegetable oil

5 to 7 cups water

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon garlic powder


Add oil to large stock pot, heat and sauté onion about 2 minutes.

Add bean, salt, pepper, and garlic powder cover with water bring to boil lower to medium cook about 2 hours. taste   adjust seasoning cook beans until tender.

Tip take about 1 / 4 cup tender beans out mash well then add back to pot and stir.

when I was little the single digits, I was sacred couldn’t tell anyone. What was I scared of. Everything. No one knew, I was good at keeping stuff to me, myself and I. God knew

In my teens I was afraid of, being found out.  People finding out What, I did know, I was afraid maybe afraid to fine me. God knew

In my twenties I ran, I was hiding from those that loved me, How could they Love me? I was still scared, afraid and running. God Knew

In my early thirties  I was mad if I felt I was misunderstood, I would fight not got to blows, I would get in YO-FACE, U cant Kick my Ass.. they would walk. I was hiding scared and more afraid of discovering me. God know

mid-was through thirties I became a Father/and A Dad. That was better that the sex the made my Son. then she Did not want to be married to me! God Knew

Face it! What Look at self, way scared, why be afraid, what is the fear? She will take the what you love most if you do not face you, forGive you, Love you, the Way I  Do! your Mother your Father God Does, God put that on, in MY Heart&Soul . God Knew, I now know… Love is key, judgement is God’s to do

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