I had a Great Day, U?

I love these to Poems, please not think them, said, EXPRESS-N my SELF!


Where relationships Go?

Does anyone know where the relationships go

You see me, I damm sho see you so

You feel me Wo I feeling you so

You wanna say hello so

You wanna touch me wo , shit I gotta touch you so.

The relationship starts like that

Where does it go          

When we don’t want to say hello

When we don’t want to see and touch one another so

Where did that friend, lover, life where does the relationship go

Curtis G Aikens



She says I love you

She says you are first


She says I am looking for someone to spend my life with

But I am your first


She says I am very attracted to you

And I dig you too


She says but it is not the right time

When is the time ever right


Eddie, Jeffery, Curtis Brothers Aikens

She says we have so much in common

But those are my words


She says I feel so good when I am with you

I know I feel it to


She says I need to spend quality time with my daughter

I like spending time with her to

And my kids are crazy for you


She says but I am looking for some-one to spend my life with

I am her first

I am



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