Last Night, Curtis

Last night I got home late, after having had dinner with the former head coach of the Dominican Women Basketball program, whom I coach under Brianna Chambers. She is now Coach in charge of recruiting for Niagara University. We Dined at Paschal’s 180 Northside Dr. SW Atlanta. I’ll share the and the great time Coach and I had some other blog! Lol 

So, last night I forgot to press the publish button for the blog post. There is an saying there’s a reason for everything and the reason here is that I need Introduce  you to my second guest blogger.
Toni Elle, I’ve known Toni over 15 years and in that time we’ve seen each other less than five times in person however the friendship,  relationship this kinship is very close ! I may not speak to her for years or she may not speak to me for years and suddenly there is a text an emoji 😊 or you just on my mind from her or me the same time we were thinking about each other. just recently I shared with her I’m writing this blog and would like and I’m looking for guest bloggers so she has written a piece.
It took a few weeks to  complete the essay, so she said I apologize for taking so long !  Toni no need to apologize sometimes it takes me a few weeks to write a paragraph so tonight when I get home I will publish Toni’s guest blog a day late, however never short!
Curtis G Aikens Sr.

I have finally finished!  I apologize for the length of time it took but drudging up the past can be exhausting!  I had to walk away from the piece after editing the first half!  Thinking of it was even exhausting and I tried to avoid it all together!  Just think, this is what we endure when we just push experiences in the back of our minds instead of confronting them.  Thank you, Curtis!  Let me know what you think!

Toni Elle

Tonight I will share Toni’s Essay


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