Maya Angelou, Blog tonight

I wrote this the day she left…  I met her 1st time in an airport, later in a green room for a tv taping. Her work touches me, She inspires me.

Maya Angelou

Ma-ya An-ge-lou……

Speaking your Name

Hearing your Beautiful Name

To this Colored

To this Negro

To this Black

To THIS AMERICAN of African Descent

Speaking your Name

Is as if a Cooling Summers’ Rain

Maya Angelou

Hearing your Name

Is as if to EASY some… of

OUR Pain

Maya Angelou

God only knows When I

Who was Blessed Like

So Many by Your Gifts

God only when or If

We can Ever not Morn

The Loss of

Maya Angelou

Curtis G. Aikens Sr. May 28, 2014

I Love you Maya Angelou…. Take your Heavenly Place with the Angles

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