Monika, Madalinne & Margaret, My 3M Monday!



The 3M’s that made for a Marvelous Magical Magnificent Monday!
Monika I’m not even sure how to describe this Yogi, I said to her today if I had a yoga spirit it would be her. This teacher this woman this human being changed made me understand help me realize how incredible yoga is. I’m not knocking any of my other yoga teachers because they bring Magic as well. Monika has a way of seeing things and helping me understand it on the inside deep inside today during class we were sweating and working hard, and her music is off the chain, Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man! Damm, us Southern Men love some Skynard. I am that Simple man.
Thank you Monika, for opening your heart, sharing your gifts. For helping us work our bodies and then slowing down so we can relax and work our minds and for reminding us that they can’t be yoga without stillness. Namaste


Dr. Madalinne Peters I love u

The 2nd M on the Monday, Madalinne now, my former masters advisor when I was starting at Dominican University of California. Dr. Peters retired last year after 35 years of outstanding service to Dominican, Marin county to this world also me. There are enough adjectives to describe how incredible this human being is. Madalinne, She is walking inspiration, she is breathing motivation, she is living love, her family her husband (Doc) I love them so, much thank you Madeline thank you Dr. Peters thank you for allowing me into your heart into your life and helping me expand mine. Namaste

Golden Lady,My Margaret Margaret Golden! Hero

Margaret the third of my three incredible M’s on Monday. Margaret Golden! The name: Stevie Wonder sings a song golden lady he must’ve know Margaret because that’s her. Golden, she is the Oscar statue, she is the Emmy award, she is the stuff that covers the capitol dome in Atlanta Georgia 24 karat gold! My Margaret a nick name I gave her during a Courage Retreat, more about those some other blob post. She is one of the heroes in my life just like Madalinne as well as Monica . Someday if ever I share my adventures at Dominican University of California. Margaret Dr. Margaret Golden was so helpful to me. God knows I could not have made it through Dominican without Madalinne Peters and Margaret Golden thank you so much. Margaret and I had dinner at Lotus I have to write about Lotus is a wonderful Indian restaurant in San Rafael chef out some of the pictures anyway thank you three ladies my 3M Monday was wonderful thanks to Monika, Madalinne &Margaret namaste



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