My Week Was… and How Was Yours?


I got the see my sister in Tahoe! Love you Sistio!! & Vickie Wilson for GA

It’s funny that it’s not funny ha-ha, funny peculiar check it. When you’re in pain, you find the physical or emotional pain this enemy affects every minute each second it is with you! Take it from (the pain please) me I know! One is constantly in search of relief from pain.
Since the car crash was from the rear end. I find myself living in physical pain again.
Wait a minute I’m supposed to be reflecting on my week, not taking you through the chronicles of pain!

It was a good week. Did you know yoga helps with physical and emotional pain? Meditation: Try it for the stuff upstairs (in the brain).  I can’t do nearly as many poses I want to. However, it just feels good to be a part of the yoga community again!

Denise Sunday and Tuesday yoga namaste

Sunday yoga with Denise is such a breath of fresh air

Monday yoga with Caroline. She is such a ball of energy, what a beautiful smile! After yoga got to chill in the Sonoma with my dear friend Terri Noble!


Tuesday was spent with the trainer, Denise. Again, thank you, Denise.

Wednesday was spent with my friend Dana and we practised tripod headstands. Thank you. Dana. By the way, Dana is the manager of the Berkeley West Corepower! She is a great yoga teacher even better Human! Respect…

Thursday I was with Katie. Tall Katie, her intention was home. What a fabulous class! Namaste.


Friday, I went up to see my sister in Tahoe and her friend Dr. Wilson. We had a blast and I may have eaten too much!


Saturday yoga, oh I forgot something.  On Wednesday I got to hang out with my friend, Chuck. Charles B. Tunnel, you know I love you bro.
Yoga this morning was lead by Alison. Off the chain, her intention was to follow your instinct (there is a film on “Amazon Prime” called Brain the Gut). Alison talked about following your instinct or Gut feeling!
Next week will be better.
Curtis G Aikens Sr.

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