Onion Rings!

Lately I have been going back to some down-home cooking, Frying. In the South if you are not sure how to cook something, well just batter it, then Fry! Hey don’t knock it until you try it! Frying food is fun and simple, not easy, easy methods of cooking I feel are baking and boiling set or reach temperature set the timer come back when the alarm goes off! Now that is easy! Frying can be great to share with you kids, yes your kids! With your little one during prep, the older kids can work with you at stove top! When you say fried some think or say O-No to much Fat! That is a yes and not statement, yes one use fat to cook, no if done properly the fired items wont absorb much oil (fat)! Here are three tips to help you keep the oil level in your fried foods low!

1 oil temperature once you reach the frying point try to maintain that temp if you see smoke lower, if the food is not crackling raise the heat.

sweet Potato Fries

2 Do not over load you pan or deep fryer, this will lower you oil temp, then the food will absorbing oil.

3 after food is done place is on a wire rack, most people place the fried items on paper towel, remember once towel is wet with oil your food will star taking the oil back in. The rack allows the oil to drop away.

Onion Rings


Oil for frying about 6 cups if using a deep fryer about 2 if pan fryng

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup butter milk

2 eggs

1 cup beer

1 / 2 cup canola oil

3 to 4 large onion sliced (as thin or thick as you like)

Divide into rings

Salt and pepper to taste.


Add oil to pan or deep fryer heat oil 350 try to maintain that temp. To large mixing bowl add flour, buttermilk eggs beer and oil, mix until batter forms and is smooth! If you feel your batter is to thin (runny) add more flour if to thick add more milk or beer!

Add onion ring to batter. Add to hot oil to fry a few at the time remember don’t over crowd the pan; also allow excess batter to drip off onion before placing into oil. Cook about 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown! This week one recipe and few tips next week I have several FRIED recipes I think you will Love!

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