Sunday June 10, yesterday so far Way! just 24 little hours!a Blast read about it, pix2

Sunday June 10
Mon, Jun 11, 2018 9:57 pm
What an incredibly wonderful California day Sunday was! Started with an incredible cup of coffee or was it 2 along with my pain meds, lol my Sister Sue and I took a yoga class with the wonderful Kristen Dowd Addicks, the bomb teacher, even better human.

Because of my back issues I was not able to do all the poses. However, I was able to work on my breathing and meditation this may have been one of the best yoga experiences of my existence. Kristen’s theme for the class was safe, loving space, giving people space, creating a kind place. Allowing forgiveness of ourselves and you know trying to heal. She shared some very personal moments that she had gone through which is not for me to share.
Her Openness, that vulnerability sparked a conversation amounts our small yoga community which we created yesterday morning I wish we could’ve recorded this conversation it was absolutely beautiful. we talked about the loss of Anthony Bourdain how we were all impacted by it and how as a small community we might be able to impact in a positive way the larger community which is Novato.
After class, I cleaned up and headed west to Bolinas such a lovely drive out. I post some pictures yesterday I will post a couple more today if you get the chance to visit Marin County, come north to Novato Drive West on Novato Boulevard until it dead ends take a left on your immediate right there will be a fire station, next the Marin French cheese factory stop and sample the cheeses, you will be happy! When I first came to Novato and Dad (love Pops RIP) would come to visit as soon as he was unpacked “lets Go Get some stinky cheese” So you please stop there before driving west to Bolinas. The drive takes you by Nicasio lake, the second man made lake on our sweet drive, 1st Stafford in Novato. At the bottom of the hill from Nicasio there is a stop sign right over the bridge one could hit point Reyes before driving south. I go into Olema, and I turn left on star route HWY! Easy on down the winding road to Bolinas don’t blink or you’ll miss one of the beautiful West Marin community.

The people have hearts of gold I spent time with my buddy Roger and his son Jason along with Jason’s aunt and Roger sister-in-law Sally. Later we visited Sally’s horse ranch which she is slowly phasing down. If you want to have an event in a breath-taking location, Sally has the place for a great party, barbecue, how about your next wedding! Check out her horse farm it’s beautiful. Roger made one of his incredible smoothies for me because I felt my glucose dipping, thanks Rog.
I headed north to meet my friends the Mooney’s Don and Jennifer from Cincinnati and we dined at Sir and Star wow O wow! The meal was So Damm Good, I don’t know if I shared with you. This Man does not eat out too often because I love to control the preparation of my food, I know what goes in I know it’s going to taste like hey, I’m a good cook.
Last night the meal at Sir and Star was one of the best I’ve had in years at a restaurant, I wanted to kiss the cook, however his beard was too shaggy! Lol, no that was the French server, the service was as outstanding as the food.

my friend Jennifer Mooney I met and I met 20 plus years ago while I was with Food Network she was working for Time Warner her husband Donna think I met two or three days later. We’ve been like family ever since their kids and my kids used to spend summer days together at Jenner and Stinson Beach and oh my Lord time flies. One of her girls got married 3 weeks ago

The day Cole was playing his senior day game One of the Mooney Girls is living in the Netherlands and Curtis my oldest is making music!
I got home with this great feeling of why I love California so much I breathe when I’m here, I see, I smell, I taste I live, when I’m on the west side
Namaste spreadlove
Curtis G Aikens Sr.
Chef, spread love

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