Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, Midnight, I 💜

Sunrise, Mid-Day, Sunset, Mid-Night, I 💜

June 27, 2018


Sunrise: The beginning of a new day. I love it and there are no mistakes made. I have a new canvas to draw, paint, write and live on. The best day ever, I say to myself. I look in the mirror as I brush my teeth and remind myself this is the best day ever, make it so.

Curtis Jr & Lauren 1997? mid-day

Midday, noon yoga or lunch. I look back over the first part of the day and think about how it was, and if I can make the next part of today better? I know I I love midday. It’s a chance to reset. Move forward with a big, huge smile. Let me see if I can make someone’s day better. I get so much more when I’m giving than when I receive. As I write this I think back to yesterday at midday I receive a compliment and unexpected complement that changed my whole flow. I had a good morning. I was feeling good before, but when I received the compliment, it took me to a higher level! Caroline, the yoga teacher. said to me “Curtis you are such a wonderful Yogi and I looked at her and thought wow I never thought of myself as being a good Yogi, much less wonderful! She talked about the fact that she’s been observing me; my concentration, my dedication to not just the poses also the meditation,  and the way I shared with the community that we as yogis are building and are part of. The look on my face!  There was joy on my face and in my body! Thank you so much, Caroline, I still feel that.

Complement nearly 24 hours later. I want to share that kind of love with people. I want to share that kind of happiness and joy you get by giving yourself a compliment, and that stays with you! Also, by looking in the mirror and giving myself a complement self-love, try it.

Sunset Ed and Mary’s SD

Sunset, most people think of, is a romantic time of day. Thatis true, however, sunrises can be equally romantic. Try it sometime.
For Sunset, there’s a song that Maze featuring Frankie Beverly sings, “the Golden time of day”. Wow, what a beautiful song! You should check it out. I’ll put a link to it on my Facebook page: Curtis G. Aikens Sr.
During sunset, I try and just enjoy the moment. All the colors as the sun dips to the west, behind the Mountains when I’m home in Novato, bringing to a close up the best day ever! LOL, looking forward to a mellow smooth evening yes, I love sunsets. Like sunrise, the colors are just beautiful orange, purples, sometimes red and the blue of the sky behind or in front. It is breathtaking and life-giving, I feel, pause just press the pause button just hold up pull the rains on your horse just little bit slow it down inhale for five seconds, try to exhale for 10 seconds slow, it’ll calm you down and help you feel the magic of life. Namaste

Full Moon round Mid Night

Midnight those good nights at this time I’m asleep however many nights I’m not. Especially those nights when the moon is full I most definitely feel the pool. The house the home is quiet I can hear my heartbeat I can feel my bare feet on the carpet with hardwood floors and I remind myself to put on your slippers because those of us with diabetes don’t want to stub a toe. Sometimes at midnight I’ll just lay in bed and listen to the sounds or the silence, magic happens during the quiet&still. Sometimes I’ll get up sit in a chair close my eyes and just feel the home other nights those nice especially when the moon is full or the sky is dark and the stars are bright I’ll walk outside and gaze to the heavens and thank, the all Mighty for allowing me to experience LIFE.

Curtis G Aikens Sr.

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