Tires AGAIN!!!

I woke this morning like most days happy ready to just enjoy whatever comes my way and maybe spend a little joy to those that come my way.
of course those bumps and I’m laughing as I write this because, lately tires! car tires are causing the bumps in my (road) day. The little warning signals flashing tire pressure low! Right passenger, right front passenger tire is low HEY CURTIS, check the tire… now last couple days I’ve seen that signal that warning. I drive off and whatever cause the pressure go, the warning goes off, I smile. Today Tuesday, check that Taco Tuesday I decide to go have this tire looked at true enough there’s a slow leak~! DANGGG, this tire cannot be patched got to replace, 300 bucks, well 295, plus the Governor’s part you know taxes, it will be over 300!

This whip, this new ride, my new 2018 Nissan ALTAMA black, with black leather interior, cool blue strips on the seats I like the car, enjoy driving and riding in it. However, with the purchase of the new tire, Do I laugh do I cry do I look up to the sky, all of them and, more!

This will be the third new tire for a car with less than 25000 miles! I cannot balm anyone, Stuff happens! OK it’s a slow leak I asked the guy what do you suggest, we can’t patch it because where the leak is. It is up to you Curtis OK let’s see what happens I say.
Yes, I’m going to order the new tire I may wait a few days but I’m going to get the tire replaced. What’s causing the bumps in your road today how do you want to handle it or the, do we get mad do we cry do we get sad or do we just look up into the sky.
I think back to my yoga teacher training and I’m breathing and there’s a reason this is happening so I just keep saying to myself what is the lesson here what is it I need to learn about these tires going low.

again, I’m laughing because laugh or cry or again look up to the sky. I choose not to cry I choose to study this and I add air to the tire.

I ask myself where do I need to add air to my soul my temple what do I need to feed my temple to get through this stretch, my answer comes, your lungs, deep breath, let it out slow. Its all good this to shall pass. Share this low moment, your low tire pressure, yes, I am laughing out loud!
I also remind myself why I do this blog every day what am I trying to learn what am I trying to teach myself.

I remind myself this is a selfish act I’m doing this it’s my way of feeding my temple it’s my way of growing it’s my way of helping me learn how to cope! It is therapy it’s a way that I help myself breathe through it. Writing brings joy to my Temple, I cherish this exercise of writing daily sometimes re-purposed articles from years gone by I’m trying to do it every day.
I hope you my friend my family enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing to myself and to you for us.

enjoy your day don’t let your tires go flat the vehicle, preforms better with enough air in the tires, so does our Temples when we take in enough O2. Namaste.. spreadlove

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