Sauteed Chard

A quick side dish!

Chicken and Vegetable Curry

This versatile dish is sure to impress at the dinner table.

Mushroom Crostini

Crostini means “little toasts” in Italian. A quick and delicious appetizer.

Onion Rings

Frying food is fun and simple. Try out these delicious Onion Rings.

Curtis at Liberty High School – Feb 8th

Shout Out to Liberty High School! Curtis is looking forward to his visit to Liberty High School in Kissimmee Florida on Friday February 8th! Curtis will be sharing his personal stories and experience of going through school unable to read, only to later at the age of 26 not only learn to read but go on to become a published author, Chef, Food Network TV Program Host and so much more! Go CHARGERS!   Curtis love hear back from the students and faculty that he meets along the way of his literacy journey. Please send us your comments or posts for this site using the input form below.

Home Cooked Gifts For The Holidays

Good Morning Sacrament0 – Special Guest Appearance. Chef Curtis Aikens shares some creative ideas for home cooked Holiday gifts. Click Here to Visit Site – Choose “Home-Cooked Gifts…” Video Link to View  

Holiday Potluck Demonstration

Watch Curtis’s “Holiday Potluck” segment and special guest appearance on Charlotte Today!

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Curtis Aikens’ Maize Cakes a product of Navajo immersion

By Jeff Cuttino * Atlanta Chef Recipes Examiner “Everybody has the right to/think whose food is the/most gorgeous/And I nominate Georgia’s.” – Ogden Nash The British poet couldn’t help but write in verse, even in this part of a preface he wrote for Harriet Ross Colquitt’s The Savannah Cook Book of 1933, in what is probably the grandest accolade ever given this state’s culinaria. Just as Flannery O’Connor stated in a letter that you can find a Southern writer tucked in the depths of every wood in the South, Georgia has an indigenous population of chefs who will selectively appear out from under the shadow of pine or emerge from some brambly thicket suddenly into the national spotlight. Curtis Aikens is an example of this mysteriously generated brand of fame, coming all the way from his obscure Conyers beginnings to Food Network multi-show renown. His road less travelled was more Read More…

Vegetarian Meal for Everyone

I’m preparing a family meal and my brother is a vegetarian, is there a  main dish can I prepare that the whole family will enjoy? For a great dish that your whole family will enjoy try “Potatoes Like Lasagna.”  A warm hearty full flavored dish that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can love! Enjoy! And Tell me what you think! Click Here to View the Recipe   Curtis