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Feed your Temple Eternally
What do you do to feed your Temple?
Roadtrips with whatever new adventure/s they bring is one of the ways I find nourishment for my Temple.
I left home, Conyers, Georgia headed home to Novato, California, Monday morning at 2 A.M.  I love driving across country I have watched landscape change, so much since the first coast to coast Drive Bill Hope and I took as teenagers.

Some of the changes I’m not thrilled about ,that for another blog post. I love driving US Highways crossing I10, 40, 70 Or 80, up and down I75,95,25, 5, 101 or Highway 1, or A1A. I have made the trip my friends, My Father, My Brothers and my kids. Each time I thank Mother/Father God for the freedom, courage and strength to DO!
Today was kind of reflective day for me thinking about yesterday and all the incredible things I saw and felt and the people I met and shared with, the Family of 4 I said hello to walking in to George H. W. Bush  Presidential Museum , I said Ill take y”alls Picture if you take mine? The kids I wish I had their Picture to share. The Son and I later sat in the cabinet room together. I said to him MR. President what are you orders. The kids face light up!

I met Mama Jo, her boys/men now are Aggies, Texas A&M, both served in the US Airfare as fighter piolets. Now the fly for tow different airlines. If you stop in the Bush Sr. Library find Mama Jo, give her a hug tell her its form me.   I told her I had coached all day when she Saw me it Coach keep doing what you Do! if you hug her say its for Coach!

Over To Austin, LBJ Library was so emotionally for me, starting with a  Facebook live, met a family of three from Dallas on my way in did a walking interview. Take a look on my FB for it. Daine Ascher this is a great Museum! While there you have access to so much history, films, phone calls, LBJ&MLK, the President with FBI director Hover. Wow so much more.. The are and gifts presented to President and Lady Bird. Just WOW!

I, was drained as I walked out, I needed to Feed my Temple, I needed my  mat, my yoga community. Corepower Yoga 801 5th Street Austin TX, Where I found Food for my Temple. I met the Chef,  an angle Monique, early in the morning I had scoped out the 3 studios in town that one caught my soul, Monique was the magnet, I the steel pulled to her, It was ordained. I went into the studio I could feel her MAGIC, her God that lived within, flowed freely, for all to join in. I said Didn’t I see you headlining in DC, she laughed, (aka Monique Oscar winning, Great Comedian). This Monique 6″2′ long blond hair sky blue eyes, God’s windows , we fist bumped, laugh. The Studio I was the 1st to arrive, laid my mat down, needless to say by the time class started we were mat to mat, and LOVED it! My GOD want an EXPIRANCE, she guided us through 60 minutes of physically challenging  practice, with wonder-filled words of support and encouragement. This Teacher, this guide, help me feel my yoga, my breath, my soul, my body my Emotions, she helped me separate one from the other, examine each,. Before class ended, Yoke, bring them together. YOGA

As we lay in Savasana , Monique French Yogi shared more of her soul, she sang Oh Child Things are going to get, Better/ ezER, What a Voice… Namaste Monique

My plan was to feed my Temple with yoga. I left Corepower turned right on 5th, left on West, Left on 6th, saw Hut’s Burger the Gut Brain said stop eat. I have learned to listen to my second Brain, circled the block part out front went in ordered DagBuger and hand cut fries to go! O so glad I did. Ill post picture on FB!  I plan was to drive all night , could not, stopped in Fredericksburg TX slept great, this morning met a sweet couple from Paris France Marylou and Clement

Check the Video and Ill post more Pictre form the on Facebook Curtis G Aikens Sr

Thursday August 16,2018 I’ve edited last  night’s post  just heard the news of Aretha Franklin passing, you are still Queen. Rip

Do things that make you feel, be and Do you best! Feed Your Temple Eternally

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