FyTe, Feed Your Temple Enterally

A conversation between Toni and me.

Happy Birthday Laura Regina Aikens Richards you are Love, I love Sistio!

If Almighty, omnipotent God offers forgiveness, who designed the world and beyond…

knows the number of hairs on our heads and cells in our body….

Who are we to hold a grudge?

We cannot produce a blade of grass to grow or cause a drop of rain to fall from a cloud.

Who do we think we are? The gift of humility is priceless. FyTe

I love this did you write?
If so may I Blog it?

Yes, I did write. This is an example of a good FyTe to propel us further to truth and growth.

That was part of my journey. It’s rough. Gaining humility is hard because when we are wronged we want justice.

But the justice comes in strengthening ourselves and letting the universe take care of the rest

Tona: you have such a way with phrasing, please write more…you words stir and move me.
I connect so tightly to your expressions.

I’m going to mark these messages, for when are together we can talk in greater detail on them.


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