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June 9 blog started as a Facebook post
Sat, Jun 9, 2018 5:03 pm

Today’s Blog started as a Facebook post I was have so much fun writing it, I thought why not share the whole day.
my writing view

Are the meds causing this to look sideways? (Note from Misha: Lol… Curtis — I fixed it! Carry on…)

Friday June 8, 2018
My day started rough, could not get out of bed, back was killing me! I got rear ended a few weeks ago, Damm! Then the Anthony Bourdain news, tears flowed, pain all over, in Back, Mind and my Heart, I never met him, respect for him and his work. I Made it out of bed and off the floor into the shower with God’s Help took 2 hours or so to get to the car. Off to urgent care, tag me, legs on a cot, 1 or 2 hours wait then 3 injections wait, they have to make sure I can function, I’m cool 😎, wait for script, (the pills) meds kick-n Off to A Jet, middle seat! Great people all round, except the big dude snoring O could that be Me? lol 😂 NOT, dude was 4 seats over the person next to him cried, the flight attendants moved her. the emojis don’t travel well 👏🏾👏🏾 hands clapping.
Land at LAX early, even after the flight left Atl late! Cool got an hour plus to make my connect to Oakland! Sorry folks the Captain says, we got here before our scheduled arrival time, however the wise folks in Los Angeles gave our gate away! All us passengers laughed then, no problem I’m thinking I have an hour plus to make the connect! Right, 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes later, wait getting tight. Can I make it, the meds seem to be wearing off, or is that just anxiety? 35 minutes later I get the notice on my I-Watch (my phone was dieting) your flight #***% has stated boarding at gate #%%B 10 more minutes….. not going to Happen doing my Best George H.Bush… I’m 🤔 thinking where will the airline put me up tonight! Cause this is on them! A night in The City Of 👼 Angels, who can I call to make trouble with 2nite! Where will we EAT! Bing, folks we are on an active 🏃 🏃 way, and we cannot move if anyone is out of their seats. Kindly take you seat and please fasten your seatbelts. I can tell I’m not to only one wondering about tight connections. You can just feel it. AND it’s like the Airlines feel it to because a few minutes later BING this is your Caption folks we will have you at the gate in 90 seconds! WTF…. no way however, less the 2 minutes we dock, we can here the baggage compartment door opening, the passenger door are not opening! No one said which gate we are at, my connection is at #%%B terminal 3 with my Back I ant 🏃 nowhere. This next is backpack emoji 🎒in hand, thinking about my case in the overhead, how the hell can I get it down? The nice flight attend put it up there, did I give her my # I think when she asked I did. If not Back to Bumble I’m kidding maybe… The boarding doors, now deplaning doors open, slowly folks in front start to move, this nice man, my seat-mate’s husband pulls my bad down from the overhead, no phone # for him just a fist 👊🏽 bump! His Wife got the web address and YouTube channel (Curtis Aikens if u don’t k-no ,cheesey 🧀 plug) as I pass the all smiles flight attendants and who I thought would be the Captain, he had a huge smile as well, I notice a woman in the left seat! As I’m writing this I’m sending my friend Brent Merritt he work at Delta Flight training this q (Brent, who sets in the left seat, Captain or Co-Captain? Curtis) I’ll let you know when I get the answer.
I ask the man with the smile what gate are we at & terminal, I said to the flight attendants give our well the Woman in the left seat the power Sign, raised fist! No emoji for that, why? Walking off think no way will I make because the notice had come to my I-Watch final boarding flight #%% To Oakland CA, I get the end of the ramp, anyone connecting to Oakland, me, me have I hit the jack pot? Right next-door Sir! Short walk down another ramp, super flight attend help get my bags 💼’s up, cause I’m in the front row, 1C, yes I’ll have a California Red, a nice bold Cabernet please! Then I kick back Enjoy my vino— Italian for Wine! Legs up the wall on a Airplane!

I took the picture for Rhonda Roberts Wade the best and h Fight attend in the Sky, and her husband Christopher. What a day I got home to Novato and in bed about 1:30am 4:30am my body clock!
I love my Life

Curtis G Aikens Sr.
Chef, spread love

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