Why? Today… Do I?

Why? Today
Fri, May 25, 2018 9:23 pm

Sophie Otis my therapist back in the day! Now great friend and mentor said to me years ago when I was in the midst of my crazy divorce “try not to ask yourself why”
Of course my immediate response was why?
Ok think about it you ask why with every question there’s another why and it just keeps your mind in that state of wonder! why did it end, why do they not love me, why can’t I be the person for her, all those kinds of things and more if you continue to ask yourself why.
On the other hand you can always tell someone why because you know your way.
Why am I writing a daily blog, why am I trying to grow a YouTube channel, why am I trying to share the lessons of life that I have learned, why do I care about people that don’t care about me.
Love is why…
My mama used to say don’t let someone else’s sins, send your soul to hell Drop the Mic.
If you don’t understand that leave me a message and I will blog on it! Lol
The daily blog 1, I want to get my writing skills back up to snuff the more you do something the better at it you get and the easier it becomes. I’m trying to write every day I hope to share some wisdom if I can every day. Maybe bring a smile to someone’s face.
Why do YouTube channel and originally I started out because I wanted to save or preserve down-home country cooking I feel we are two or three generations away from Losing a lot of the great food that our ancestors prepared those methods may be gone soon.
Now the YouTube channel has started evolve I find myself gathering stories not just recipes, people I meet on the street or at yoga or in the grocery store and I love hearing your stories.
That brings me back to writing, which is story telling we all have stories. The story of our lives I want to tell my story in my words. When family comes after me or anyone that wants to know how Curtis felt about something they can read my thoughts on the subject in my daily blog. I can do that or you can in your blog or journal. We can tell our story don’t leave it to me to tell your story, write it for you and yours!
With YouTube my future family can see me share my stories share my life share my love share my passion you can do that as well. That’s my why I want to grow love I want to share I want to spread love that’s my why!
Why do I care about people I have a met because there something rather than me. Why do I continue to love people that don’t love me because there something greater than me, Namaste

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